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1. Thank you for your interest in the VASCO Partner Portal. This portal is designed as a one-stop shop for all VASCO partners to provide access to product, sales, marketing and support information and resources. You must be a VASCO Partner, Select Partner or Premium Partner in good standing in order to be able to access the Partner Portal.

2. If you already are accessing our SEAL Platform, then you only need to communicate us your user name and serial number of your DIGIPASS Device, and with that information we can then give you also access to our Partner Portal Platform.

3. The VASCO Partner Portal is protected by DIGIPASS strong authentication. This means that you will need a MYDIGIPASS.COM account to securely log in to VASCO Partner Portal. Please fill out the form below to request your free account.

You can fill in automatically this form by signing up with your MYDIGIPASS.COM account

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